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When Jack Brannigan signed on for the week-long,135-mile horseback ride to chase the ghost of Billy the Kid over the mountains and across the desert of New Mexico, he expected new demands on his wits, his strength, and his stamina. But no man could have expected what Brannigan encountered.

The brochure cautioned about elements. For Jack, those elements tested the limits of human endurance. But the brochure said nothing about kidnapping, nothing about murder, nothing about a sadistic rancher who held a beautiful young woman as a slave on a remote desert ranch. No one told Jack Brannigan his ride upon a crazy horse could be the last ride of his life.


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NEW NOVEL! Can a man from the 21st century survive in 1847? Murdered on his birthday, August Myles finds crossing over is nothing like hed ever heard, read, or imagined, and learns he has not earned a ticket to Paradise. In a grand experiment, the members of the Divine Council gave August another chance. Or did they? With all the limitations of a mortal, he is sent back in time with an impossible mission - an adventure filled with triumph and tragedy, courage and fear, sex and violence, happiness and heartbreak - a grueling journey on the Oregon Trail. And with all the needs and passions of a mortal, August must also battle the advances of two gorgeous women during long months and close encounters. One woman just wants to seduce him. Another falls in love. But for August Myles, carnal knowledge is forbidden. Is there no justice?

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